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1996 Ford Falcon

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After My last car (el fairmont) was t-boned i needed something to get to work and back, just something cheap and nasty, didn't matter whether it was a clunker or what as long as i could get it to work.
fortunately i was able to get a fairly straight el falcon gli, the paint was rough, the motor was sick.
By this stage my friends 'Tezza, Lee, and kids' had helped me pull apart my old car. we'd stripped it back to a shell and i had a full car worth of parts at my fingers.
At first i wasn't rapt about the new car. it was the front end paint was sun damaged and it didn't handle.
As soon as i picked up the car it was a go-go!
the car had to be road worthy with in 2 weeks. had new tyres, replaced afew globes and cleaned the windscreen washers. It had passed a RWC.
Within the week it was rego'd.

This all happened within 1 month, I've now had the car for 4 months in total. the body has been cleaned up with new panels on the front. Ive changed the head lights (aftermarket), repeaters (NL) and tail lights (EF). i removed the side gli body mould and added a fairmont boot garnish. The car sits on pedders struts and king springs. i haven't found a set of wheels that'd look good on this color yet so it is running around on intercepters.
The original motor packed it in and i had Kev replace it, whilst at Kevs i had a 3:45 LSD and 2 1/2 exhaust fitted. a couple of weeks after that a set of HM Headers feel into my hands and i fitted an ss high flow induction kit. Has a tezza shift kit, chirps 2nd and 3rd.
i just replaced the gli seats with NL fairlane Leather and put in a fairmont cluster. for tunes it has alpine deck and 's type' speakers, alpine v12 4 channel and alpine v power mono to power 2 12" pioneers.
so far its happened really quickly and its been a while since i've had a weekend not working on the car. So far all up the car has cost me under 3g so i guess its been a budget build but i think its coming together very well.
1996 Ford Falcon
Q9 Artic blue
May 13th, 2010, 11:01 am
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