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1999 Ford XR6

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Red Back 2.5 Catback system Muffler.
Magnaflow 2.5 metal hiflow Cat
Genie Tuned Length and extended Headers
Crow Stage 2 cam
BA intake With K&N pod in the box
Engine rebauild around 40000ks ago with come chrome rings on the standard pistons and bottom end
Head is shaved and intake inlet and exhaust outlets have been port matched to the manifolds
T5 was rebuilt 5000ks ago
LSD was rebuild 55000ks ago
T3 Pursuit Rims
AUII Rear lights
AUIII Side repeaters
AU Red/Black Momo Steering wheel and Gear Knob
BA Scuff panels with XR inserts
BA XR front seats drivers electric
Billet Quick Shifter
King Ultra low all round
Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks all round
AUII Rebal side skirts and rear bar, custom bonnet
T56 6 speed Gearbox
1999 Ford XR6
Pink (hot chilli with a blue pearl]
November 1st, 2010, 7:49 pm
345000 Kilometers
17500.00 AUD
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