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1998 Ford XR6

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Nikk O'lass
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-EL XR6 Falcon
-Features sunroof, Aftermarket tickford style kit minus door pods, deleted spoiler.
-Interior has a set of DRiFT D1 seats, AU momo gear nob, boost gauge. Blue Led Dash
-Sound system is a clarion iPod compatable headunit, Clarion splits up front, twin kenwood 6x9 on the shelf. The boot as 2 kenwood 12in subs and a clarion amp.
-Engine is stock with a snort stage 2 kit power is only 180rwkw without a tune. 5 speed manual exedy has a exedy sports tuff clutch.
-King wheels and some king springs SL's finish it off.
1998 Ford XR6
Navy Blue
May 5th, 2010, 7:51 pm
199000 Kilometers
8690.00 AUD
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