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1986 Holden vl berlina turbo

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na-turbo conversion,small cam for towing,1.7:1 malpassi,full 3" zorst,600x300x76 fmic,std na computer,std na injectors,std low mount turbo and manifold,4psi boost 165.1rwkw on a car dragged from a paddock, then blew up the turbo and head gasket, now have T3 hiflow turbo, 1.3mm h/gasket, 818b wade cam, vernier cam gear,hd springs, ported & polished, twin feed fuel rail kit, bosch 42lb injectors, 044 pump, 500hp delphi intank pump, surge tank, z32 afm, nistune computer, under driven balancer, gfb boost tee, gfb fuel reg, i.c.e ignition coil, 10mm leads, iridium plugs, new radiator to suit cooler pipe location, twin 10" thermo's, complete new -8 fuel lines the list goes on should be going in the next couple of days estimating 270-290rwkw on 13-15psi with potential to run 20psi if the g/box and bottom end will allow
1986 Holden vl berlina turbo
ice blue metallic
May 19th, 2011, 2:18 pm
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