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1987 Ford Fairmont

My 1987 XF Fairmont was factory ordered as a fairmont ghia but they had none left by the time they ordered so it was delivered as a fairmont with ZL fairlane top end electric antenna, ghia pioneer stereo, LSD, a few other options on reciepts but dont have paper work on me and factory mags and as I'm still new to fords I am unsure what model they are off and alot of the tricks to working on them I have grown up around cars an have alot of experience in the tyre/suspension industry as I am a front end specialist and started my apprenticeship as a mechanic so I'm after some ideas on its build and tricks to the car as all cars have their own and I have worked a few out for myself lol so if anyone has any advise or ideas on build let me know :)
(pics will be up soon as I am on my phone and can't upload)
1987 Ford Fairmont
Atlantic blue
June 16th, 2012, 10:01 pm
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