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2005 Ford XR8

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Started life as a BA XR8, was Rebuilt as a "one off" Medical Response Vehicle for V8 Supercars. Was used at Bathurst and Eastern Creek in 2009/2010. Runs a Vortec ll Supercharger Methanol/water cooled Intercooler. 5.4ltr V8 Fully Rebuilt and race prepped..Dominello race prepped triptronic 4 speed Semi-Auto..Custom Hand Built tailshaft..Truetrac LSD with 4.11 ratio...Custom body design done by Bitz..888 Racing and Intune Motorsport..Custom Interior including Carbon Fibre Ribbing to increase rollover protection..Riccaro Seats..Custom Paint..460rwKw or 617rwhp...0-100kph in 3.4sec 1/4 mile best 10.48 @ 128mph Eastern Creek..Top speed 320kmph Conrod Straight 2009..Current 2012 Nulon Engine Oils voters choice (12 months sponsorship)...Returning to Bathurst 2012 as an invited participant in the 50th Anniversary Exhibition.....Oh and its Street Registed.
2005 Ford XR8
FPR 09/10 Team Livery
July 16th, 2012, 8:43 pm
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