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1994 Ford ED Falcon XR6

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this is my 3rd attemped at building my dream ride i have done all work myself on and off
for past 3 years. 2 other ebs never made it.This time im fully detacated and achieving well
its a 94 ed xr6
standard rebuilt bottom end xr6 ported head custom turbo cam
stage 4 snort turbo kit t04 turbo
full stainless 3'' exhaust
wolf 3d
800cc injectors
el intake manifold, single belt conversion, door trims
full retrimed interier and boot
full pedders sports rider shockes and springs
front upc brake upgrade

future plans to get engineer cirtificate and registerd as a turbo ed
and a nice set of rims cant make up my mined
hope u like
1994 Ford ED Falcon XR6
August 15th, 2018, 8:13 pm
168987 Kilometers
800.00 AUD
Total Mods
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6000.00 AUD
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