Brake Troubleshooting

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Problem Symptom Possible Causes
Excessive Pedal Travel Air in system, fluid leak, or low fluid level. Pad Knock back from extremely rough road operation or violent cornering Excessive Wheel bearing end play, Fauly master cylinder, Boosted link not connected to brake pedal, Brake boosted attaching nuts loose
Pedal Gradually goes to the floor Leaks or insufficient fluid Fault master cylinder
Spongy Pedal Leaks or insufficient fluid Air in hydraulic system
Brakes do not apply Leaks or insufficient fluid, Dirt brake fluid Faulty Master Cylinder, Air in hydraulic system
Excessive Brake Pedal Effort Brake boosted malfunction, Brake boosted check valve leaking, Vacuum Failure, Brake fluid oil or grease on brake linings. Stuck or seized pistons in calipers, Brake line restricted, Mechanical resistance at pedal, Lining glazed or worn
Brakes for the respective system do not apply One section dual brake system is inoperative
Brake roughness or chatter (Pulsating Pedal) Brake rotor excessive lateral runout or thickness variation Oil or grease on lining, Lining glazed or worn
Brakes Pull, Grab or Uneven braking Tyre Tread worn, Improper tyre pressure, DIrty Brake fluid, Incorrect front end allignment, Brake fluid oil or grease on brake linings Lining glazed or worn, Brake line restricted, Caliper not properly alligned on rotor, Stuck or seized piston on caliper
Brake Drag Incomplete Pedal Return, Faulty master cylinder, Dirty Brake Fluid, Brake boosted malfunction Air in hydraulic system, Stuck or seized piston, brake line restricted
Grining or grating noise Worn out pads Damaged wheel bearings
Warning Light stays on One section dual brake system is inoperative, Warning lamp switch is grounded Differential pressure valve not centred, Wiring to warning lamp switch is grounded
Warning lamp does not light Warning lamp is burned out, Wiring to warning lamp has open circuit Warning lamp switch has an open circuit