Ba xr6t blow by?

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Ba xr6t blow by?

Postby Imnl » January 26th, 2017, 4:29 pm

Hi all new to the forums and to turbos.
I have a 2004 BA xr6t, have recently had 1000cc injectors fuel pump and fuel regulator (decat) installed with 10psi tune. The tuner reckoned it has excessive blow by and was pooling oil in the intake manifold (no actual leaks though) so i installed a catch can running from the breather into the catch can and back to the intake leading to the turbo. Checked the catch can after a month or so of running and it is bone dry, not even a sign of oil. do i need to plum it to the pcv system instead?

The tuner also had a hard time isolating a miss under load ended up replacing coils, he said while it is better the tune is still inconsistent.
Before and after the tune it has the same miss at idle but only when in closed loop and after driving it for a bit so i am wondering if it is related, oil in the throttle body and MAF sensor?
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