? Any Info on the particular model '1990 Ford Falcon Sprint'

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? Any Info on the particular model '1990 Ford Falcon Sprint'

Postby Kuruptnyou » April 17th, 2019, 8:22 pm

Hey, do you know of anything special or different or any details on the particular model - 3.9l ea 1990 ford falcon Sprint???
Just seen one online for sale i checked the plates online and its registered as a '1990 ford falcon sprint' Been searching online for hours to find any details whatsoever on this particular model but i cant find 1 review 1 post anything on it??
rare?expensive? Never heard of the ea 3.9 sprint, i thought that the earliest falcon sprints were either eb or ed and v8 only ????
Any info/knowledge/details would be muchly appreciated if could help please
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