Competition takes many forms in Forza 7

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Competition takes many forms in Forza 7

Postby rodeoneerer » November 23rd, 2022, 4:04 pm

In Forza Motorsport 7, the familiarity of driving your favorite cars on beloved tracks goes hand in hand with the joys of discovery. It's about owning sporty cars priced just out of reach in real life, whether that's a Mazda RX-8 or an Infinity Q60. There's exhilaration in taking those sweet rides down roads you've visited countless times and still finding something new around familiar bends. And whether you're preoccupied with a pack of assertive Drivatars or fiercer real-life competitors, Forza 7--much like the other installments in developer Turn 10's mainline racing series--is decidedly abundant in different ways to compete.

The game's feature set is as expected, and the envy of most rivals. There are 26 track locations; additions include the much-requested returns of Suzuka and series favourite Maple Valley, as well as a glitzy showcase at Dubai and the Virginia International Raceway, a fast, narrow, sinuous ribbon of road that I'd never encountered before. There's a basic two-player split-screen mode (on console only). Rivals, the series' framework for time trial competition, is still best in class, as are the matchmaking, netcode and general seamlessness of online racing. Two important online features are yet to go live - Forzathon calendar events and the excellent competitive racing Leagues from Forza 6 - but when they do, this will be the most complete, accessible, well curated, well structured, well engineered, and frequently updated online racing environment around.

The introduction of dynamic weather and time of day is also a big deal. Most racing games give you static options for whether it’s raining or day time, but that isn’t always the case with real-life racing. Sometimes a downpour can happen right in the middle of a grueling endurance race and that doesn’t mean the entire race resets or stops. Forza 7 replicates that beautifully with rain that can start on the final lap or somewhere in the middle and even has water accumulate to cause further hazards.

Competition takes many forms in Forza 7. The friends-as-AI Drivatars return as a pleasing alternative to age-old CPU racing behaviors like rubber banding. Online you'll find, more often than not, disorderly strangers who are as impolite as they are careless. Your best hope of winning is placing near the front of the starting grid. The alternative is, of course, participating in a private race, provided you can convince other friends and Forza players--ideally enough to fill a 24-car grid--to play fair and do their best at avoiding crashes. For the least chaotic approach to measuring and comparing greatness, Rivals presents a host of tough yet worthwhile asynchronous contests where you attempt to beat other players' lap times. Unfortunately, the traditional Forza outlets of aggression like zombie or tag are not available in the launch version of Forza 7. The same goes for Forzathon and Leagues modes, unique timed events that enhance the replay value of Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Horizon 3.

The badges and driver skins are harmless, cosmetic, collectable fluff. If rare cars are the lure for prize crates, mods are the hook they hope to sink into you. These limited-use cards apply conditions to a race in return for a credit or XP reward, and have been fleshed out from their rather pointless implementation in Forza 6. Some mod conditions are a fun challenge - for example, completing a number of perfect corners or clean passes. Controversially, though, the only way to get an improved reward for increasing the difficulty of your race by turning off assists - which used to be automatic - is now via mods. And the only way to get mods is from crates.

Graphically speaking, Forza 7 sets a new bar for fidelity. This is one gorgeous game, practically photo realistic in its presentation. While Xbox One players will be locked to 1080p, the PC version has the capacity to reach 4K resolution and it is mind blowing. You would be mistaken for believing this was a television broadcast of an actual event with how detailed it can be.

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