1994? Ef Fairmont headlights.

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1994? Ef Fairmont headlights.

Postby EFfairmontzututu » January 2nd, 2016, 8:16 pm

I've been at this thing all day and I can't work it out.. I've changed the bulbs, and I'm still only getting high beam and the smaller bulbs work on low beam but not main bulb.. I've checked relays and tried swapping them around.. Still not happening! Last idea I can come up with is it must be the wiring? If so, does anyone know how much this would cost to fix? I honestly don't have the patience to pull it all out and redo it myself (plus the missus and kids would get jealous of the time I'm spending on it!!!) ;D please help! All opinions to other possible issues would be great too.
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