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Hey, again...

PostPosted: August 15th, 2016, 8:11 pm
by Soak
Hey guys,

I used to be a member here quite a few years ago, lurked around and made a couple posts back in the day when I was getting around in my EL ghia swapped out EB falcon, alot has changed since my hoon days, Sold off all my toys and went into business for myself, played it pretty low key for a few years whilst I got my life on track but it seems a while back I found myself in possession of a fairly clean AU fairlane, Ive been using it as a modest daily driver thanks to it being a dual fueler its kept my fuel prices ridiculously low, know my way around the ford inline 6 motors and the thing has leather and a sunroof so I am pretty happy, recently started contemplating doing a few things to it as I love the town car look she has so figured it is probably time to get back into the scene and say hello again. shes probably not worthy of pictures just yet as its just a standard gold au fairlane so I will refrain from any "epic build threads" till there actually something epic in the pipeline

But hopefully will be seeing a few of you around in the coming months :)