Hi Im New Here, I Currently Own An XE S-Pak

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Hi Im New Here, I Currently Own An XE S-Pak

Postby XEFalcon1984 » July 29th, 2017, 9:40 pm

Hi guys, my name is Morgan, im from SA and only 15 yrs old, getting my L's in a few months, cant wait!! Im currently working on a project, it is a 1984 XE S-Pak, currently got a 4.1L 250 crossflow in it, also have an aftermarket exhaust on it, its a bit bigger than stock so it sounds awesome, has some rust in the quarter panels which im gradually fixing even finances are limited, working towards it being my first car for on the road! I have owned an XD and also ZL Fairlane and i havent even had my licence yet! I love my fords and always will, feel free to ask any questions! I will be happy to try and answer them!

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