Intro+ past and present cars

Introduce yourself and your ride.

Intro+ past and present cars

Postby BradZ » August 19th, 2017, 10:58 pm

Bit bored so i thought I'd throw up an intro thread and show off some of my money pits.
Some of you may know me or my cars from FordForums.

I've got build threads on FF so I'll keep it short-ish and sweet.

First car, 06 BF Xr6, 55,000kms, premo sound.
She's getting on in her old age now but I still have her. Now at 155,000 without one single failure.

The shortened version of the build is that I lowered it, replaced all bulbs with white led, headlights with hid. Bobtail spoiler, pinstriped tail lights and multiple rim changes.

She's still my daily and I still love her. Although I feel I'll be moving on in future.

Next car is my short lived BA2 Xr6t.
75,000kms on it, tr6060 and a trutrac centre diff. 345rwkw and 825nm on 18psi.
She had big brakes, big cooler, nizpro plenum, under battery cai, 3" pipework, 4" dump, big injectors etc. Awesome car but it took my license twice. Wasnt allowed to drive it as a p plater. She's long gone now sadly. But my god was it fun!

And finally, the old AU work hack.
I drive 140kms a day on a highway so aswell as running up kilometres on my xr6, she'd taken a beating and it made me sad. Cue, old reliable.

Series 2 AU Ute, was stock as a rock when I got it.
Wasn't happy with the amount of fuel it used and the standard exhaust was stuffed. Whacked a 2.5" system on her, fuel economy improved and now it sounds cool. Also put a fresh 02 sensor in and new plugs. I bought leads but they were for a series 1 so they didn't fit :(

Finished up the exhaust by fitting a set of extractors and a high flow cat. Better again on fuel, sounds better and goes better too.

I dynamatted the doors in preparation for a set of Focal 6.5" splits although i haven't done that yet. I put hid's in the high beam and some good Philips Xtreme Vision low beams. Changed the dash lights to a nice white, and thats it so far!

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