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Homicide (1964 - 1976)
“This multi-award winning series follows the day to day activities of four detectives with the Homicide squad of a big city police force. They do handle other crimes - kidnapping, extortion, conspiracy - but mainly murder. Their success rate is very high…nearly eighty percent. They're at home anywhere. They have to be. Back alleys, boardrooms, brothels and beach houses…Murders happen everywhere.”
Homicide ran for 12 years, and at one point, the detectives drove an XP Falcon which was featured in the opening credits. Other model Falcons were featured, as well as Holdens and Valiants.

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Bush Mechanics (1999, 2001)
This off-beat series follows the exploits of the Bush Mechanics, a group of engaging Aboriginal characters, as they travel through central Australia. In each episode, the Bush Mechanics from the remote Warlpiri community of Yuendumu are presented with a new set of challenges - catching a car thief, getting a nephew out of jail, and racing to an outback rock concert. As they travel through the desert in their clapped-out vehicles, including several elderly Falcons, they solve multiple car problems with wacky and inventive bush repair techniques.

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Aussie cop shows
Every year on Australian TV, there is always a police drama showing. Suburban or country cops, undercover agents, water police, detectives, police search and rescue, ex-cops, forensic police, you name it. Playing a supporting role in these shows is the cop car, and most of the time, it is a Ford Falcon.
The main police show on TV at the moment is Blue Heelers. Set in the fictional town of Mt Thomas, the show revolves around the local police station and its officers, and is seen in over 70 countries.
For such a small town, it seems like the crime capital of Australia. Characters in the show drive Falcons and sometimes Commodores and 4WDs, as is normal in police stations across Australia.

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Mad Max (1979)
Set in futuristic outback Australia, Mad Max is about a police officer caught up in a struggle with lawless biker gangs. After the death of his partner at the hands of these thugs he realises that not only his life is in danger, but also the lives of his wife and child. He decides to take revenge, and the Interceptor is his transport of choice. The producers needed a high-performance, evil-looking car.
They took a 1973 XB Falcon GT coupe, and applied the Concorde (an XC Falcon van show car) front end and a fake supercharger, and made several other minor modifications.
In 1983, the Mad Max sequel, Road Warrior, was screened in the United States. A studio executive decided that the American public would not be able to understand the Australian accent, so the movie was badly dubbed. Even so, Road Warrior proved very popular. A prequel was released in 1985, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

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Mission Impossible 2 (2000)
In the chase torwards the end of the movie, a few EF Falcons are chasing Tom Cruise around on the bike. These get blown up during chase, but its good to see Falcons shown on this popular movie. Thanks to Chris
Running on Empty (1982) US title: Fast Lane Fever
The Star car (until it is written off later in the movie during a street race) is a 1971 XY Falcon GT. The number plate reads GTH.351 although I am not sure if it was a genuine HO. But don't worry, the car written off was a regular 500 tarted up to look like a GT. The movie is about a young man looking for respect and a reputation by street racing in Sydney during the 80's. The man to beat is a bloke called "The Fox" who runs a mean black & yellow 1970 Dodge Challenger (a deadset original 440ci R/T, this car still exists and can be seen at most Chrysler shows). Our hero ticks off Fox by dating his girl (who drives a tuff lookin' '79 Corvette) and now has to race for his life. This is a top flick with some mega cool cars. Check it out! Thanks to Robert
Running on Empty
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