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This site features everything to do with EA-ED Falcons. Visitors can join the club, and take part in meets and cruises across all states. General and technical info is covered, as well as important buying tips. There are many pictures and a popular discussion board. The EA-ED Owners Club Home Page is soon to be merged with the EF/EL Falcon Club.
Falcon Links - General

Ford Falcon Australia
Mark's Car Site
Tom’s Ford Page
Ford Gallery
Falcon Links - Forums/Groups/Clubs

Ford Australia Forum
Early Falcon Club
The EA-ED Owners Club Home Page
EF/EL Falcon Club
AU Ford Owners
XR8 and XR6 Owner’s Club of Victoria
Falcon GT Club of Australia
Falcon GT Owners Club of QLD
Falcon GT Club of WA
Falcon GT Club of SA
Falcon Cobra Car Club of Australia
Falcon Links - Specific Models

XK-XL-XM-XP Falcon
Early Falcon Club
FPV: 1961-66 XK-XL-XM-XP Falcon Utility
1960 XK Falcon
Brett’s 1962 XK Falcon
Emil’s 1966 XP Falcon hardtop
Grant’s 1966 XP Falcon hardtop
1965 XP Falcon convertible
XP Falcon - Your Friend in the Shed
FPV: 1965 XP Fairmont Super Pursuit 200
XR-XT-XW-XY Falcon
XR/XT/XW/XY Gallery
FPV: 1966-72 XR-XT-XW-XY Falcon Utility
FoMoCo XR Falcon information
Alan's 1967/1968 XR Falcon
FoMoCo XT Falcon information
FoMoCo XW Falcon information
Marcello’s 1970 XW Falcon
FPV: 1969-78 Falcon GS Option Pack
FoMoCo XY Falcon information
Evan’s XY Falcon
Jeff’s 1972 XY Falcon
XY Cool - Doin’ it Old School
“The General" 1970 XY Fairmont
Falcon 4WD Ute
XA-XB-XC Falcon
Falcon Coupes
XA/XB/XC Gallery
FPV: 1969-78 Falcon GS Option Pack
FPV: 1972-79 XA-XB-XC Falcon Utility
FPV: 1973 XA Falcon Superbird Hardtop
FoMoCo XA Falcon information
FoMoCo XA Falcon information (2)
FoMoCo XB Falcon information
FoMoCo XB Falcon information (2)
FPV: 1976-79 XC Falcon 5.8/Fairmont GXL 5.8
Petescoe’s 1977 Fairmont GS
Peter’s Fat XC coupe
Glenn's 1977 XC Falcon
Ryan's Ford 'SXC 302'
The Ford Falcon XD 6cyl Page
Dick Johnson's Tru-Blu XD Falcon
Donnie's XD/XE Fairmont Ghia page
Shane's XD Falcon
FPV: 1982-84 XE Fairmont Ghia ESP 5.8
Dick Johnson's Green TUF XE Falcon
Mick’s XE Falcon
XE Fairmont Turbo
Montaroo's Awesome XE Falcon
XE Fairmont Ghia ESP
1987 XF Falcon with sound system
Eclipse’s XF Falcon
XF Falcon Turbo
FPV: 1996 XG Falcon Longreach XR6 Utility
FPV: 1996 XH Falcon Longreach XR6 Utility
XH Falcon Panel Van
FPV: 1997 XHII Falcon XR8 Utility
The EA-ED Owners Club Home Page
Polar988 Automotive
EA/EB/ED Falcons
E-Series Fords
FPV: 1988-92 EA/EB Falcon S
Bass Crazy - 1988 Fairmont Ghia
1990 SVO Falcon

gmanea's EA Falcon
Ed's EA Falcon

FPV: 1991 EB Falcon S XR8
FPV: 1992 EBII Falcon S XR6
PHoeNiX_EB Fairmont page
Spaniard's ED Fairmont
FPV: 1993 ED Falcon XR8 Sprint
1993 ED Fairmont
The Adventures of XR8Chic
EF/EL Falcon Club
Falcon/Fairlane/LTD: EF Falcon Central
EF Falcon.com
Falcon/Fairlane/LTD: EL Falcon Hub
FPV: 1997 EL Falcon XR8 185kW
Falcon/Fairlane/LTD: AU Falcon Hub
Falkeen AU Falcon Futura
AU Ford Owners
The New AU Falcon
Australian Design Awards: AU Falcon
Oliver’s 1999 AU Falcon XR8
AU Falcon XR6
1999 AU Falcon XR6 VCT
FPV: 2001 AUII Falcon XR8 220kW
FPV: 2001 AUII Falcon XR6 Pursuit Utility
FPV: 2001 AUII Falcon XR8 Pursuit Utility
Steven's AU Falcon Forte Series II
Johno’s 3D AUII Falcon XR8
AUII Falcon XR8 Xplód
FPV: 2002 AUIII XR8 Pursuit 250 Utility
BA Falcon
New Falcon (official site)
Falcon/Fairlane/LTD: BA Falcon Central
JR's BA Falcon XR6
Fairlane/LTD Links - General

Bryan's Aussie Fairlane Page (has LTDs too)
Australian Ford LTD Central (has Fairlanes too)
Ford LTD (Australia)
Ford Falcon Australia
Fairlane/LTD Links - Specific Models

ZA-ZB-ZC-ZD Fairlane
FoMoCo ZA Fairlane sales brochure & ads
FoMoCo ZB Fairlane sales brochure
FoMoCo ZC Fairlane sales brochure & ads
FoMoCo ZD Fairlane sales brochure
ZF-ZG/P5-ZH/P6 Fairlane/LTD
FoMoCo ZF Fairlane sales brochure
FoMoCo ZG Fairlane sales brochure
FoMoCo P5 LTD sales brochure
FoMoCo P5 Landau sales brochure
FoMoCo P5 LTD and Landau sales brochures
FoMoCo P5 LTD and Landau ads
FoMoCo P6 LTD sales brochure
The Mighty ZH Fairlane
Azza’s Mighty ZK Fairlane
FPV: 1998 NL Fairlane by Tickford
AU Fairlane/LTD
Falcon GT Links - General
(Includes Tickford and FPV links)

Tickford Vehicles
Ford Falcon GT
Horsepower Downunder
Falcon GT
Aussie Fords
Ford Performance Falcons
FPF FTE by Ford
Ozfords Old Tickford Enhanced Falcons

Ford Performance Vehicles
XR8 and XR6 Owner’s Club of Victoria
Ford Falcon Australia
Falcon GT Club of Aus
Falcon GT Owners Club of QLD
Falcon GT Club of WA
Falcon GT Club of SA
Falcon GT Links - Specific Models
(Includes Tickford and FPV links)


FoMoCo XR Falcon GT information
FoMoCo XT Falcon GT information
FoMoCo XW Falcon GT information
FoMoCo XY Falcon GT information
Johno's 3D XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III
FPV: 1967 XR Falcon GT
FPV: 1968 XT Falcon GT
FPV: XW Falcon GT, GT-HO Phase I and II
FPV: XY Falcon GT and GT-HO Phase III

XA-XB Falcon GT, XC Falcon Cobra
FPV: 1972 XA Falcon GT and GT-HO Phase IV
FPV: 1973 XB Falcon GT
Falcon Cobra Car Club of Australia
John’s Aussie Falcon Cobra Site
FPV: 1978 XC Falcon Cobra Hardtop
EB-EL Falcon GT, FTE T-Series
Johno's 3D TS50
FPV: 1992 EBII Falcon GT
FPV: 1997 EL Falcon GT
FPV: 1999 AU and 2000 AUII TE50/TS50
FPV: 2001 AUIII TE50 and TS50
FPV: 1999-2002 AU/AUII/AUIII TL50
BA Falcon GT
Ford Peformance Vehicles (official site)

CarNet: AUII Falcon XR8 220kW

NRMA Car reviews

Falcon reviews

Fairmont reviews
Fairlane reviews
LTD reviews
Carpoint reviews:
XR Falcon

XT Falcon

ZC/ZD Fairlane
Drive.com.au reviews:
XA-XB Falcon GT
XF Falcon wagon

XG/XH Falcon Ute
EA/EB Falcon wagon
EB Falcon
EF Falcon XR6
EF Falcon XR6
EF Falcon XR6 wagon
EF/EL Fairmont Ghia
AU Falcon Forte

AU Falcon Futura
AU Falcon Futura wagon
AU Falcon wagon
AU Falcon S
AU Falcon S
AU Fairmont wagon
AU Fairmont Ghia
AU Falcon XLS ute

AUII Falcon review
AUII Falcon LPG wagon
NA Fairlane
NC Fairlane / DC LTD

AU Fairlane
News Motoring reviews:
XF Falcon
AU Falcon
RACV reviews:
EF/EL Falcon
AU Falcon
AU Falcon
AUII Falcon Futura comparison
Falcon/Fairlane/LTD Links - Overseas

The New Millenium... Falcon!
tffn - The Ford Falcon News
FCA On the Web
Falcon Man
Ford Zephyr and Zodiac Site
Argentine Falcon
Todo Falcon (in Spanish)
Ford Granada Enthusiasts' Club
Musclecarclub.com - Ford Fairlane
Ford Fairlane
Fairlane Club of America
1958 Ford Fairlane 500
Ford LTD World
Boomer’s Ford LTD Page 
Technical Info

The Ford Falcon Modifications Website
Polar988 Automotive - E-Series articles
Ryan’s EEC-IV pages
XP Falcon - Your Friend in the Shed
Falcon ID
Official Sites

New Falcon
New Falcon Ute
Ford Peformance Vehicles
Motoring Sites

News Motoring

Ford Racing (official site)
Dick Johnson Racing (official site)
V8 Supercars Australia (official site)
V8x Supercars

Metric Conversions
World's Fastest Sedans
Australian Police Cars
Australian Police Vehicles
Ford's 75th Birthday Party - Geelong