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All the big changes to the XT model were under the skin. The engine range was overhauled, the choices now being 3.1L and 3.6L six cylinders, and a new 302 4.9 litre V8. Ford began referring to their engine capacities in litres, instead of cubic inches. The 3.1 was capable of 114bhp at 4400rpm; the 3.6 developed 135bhp at 4400rpm, and the V8 produced 210bhp at 4600rpm.
XT Falcon(1968 - 1969)

The engines were refined so that they were more reliable, quieter and improved fuel economy. They were well received, because the engines which powered the XR lacked the grunt needed to haul around the larger car. The camshaft was given a different profile for more efficient breathing at higher revs, and the 3.6 could reach 0-50mph in 9.3 seconds.
The three speed manual, now with synchromesh on first gear standard, joined the other transmissions. Handling was improved, with the car doing well on dirt roads. A host of new safety features were added, including split system brakes, larger tyres, a knockout rear view mirror, an external mirror, windscreen washers and reversing lights.
Cosmetic changes were minor, but consisted of a plain, flat grille with Ford badge, removal of a waistline chrome strip, and chrome strips on the tail. The tail lights remained circular, but the indicators were now horizontal rectangles, instead of the XR’s circles.
Front bench seats were standard inside, but the bucket seat option was often specified.

XT Falcon Photos (photos are cropped, click to enlarge)
Ford XT Falcon
On Sale: March 1968 - June 1969
How do I know it's an XT? Plain grille with centre badge, circular tail lights with horizontal indicators
Models available:
Falcon 500:
sedan, wagon, ute, van
sedan, wagon, ute
sedan, wagon
What’s new? More powerful engines, larger tyres, manual with synchromesh
Falcon Firsts:
Prices at introduction: Falcon sedan - $2230, Fairmont auto sedan - $3171
Total XTs built: 79290
Transmission: 3 speed manual, 3 speed auto, 3 speed Cruisomatic
3.1 188 cubic inches (3.1L) 6 cyl
Bore and stroke: 3.68 x 2.94 inches
Power: 114bhp (85kW) at 4400rpm
Torque: 180lb-ft (244Nm) at 2400rpm
Pushrod overhead valve, 2 valves per cylinder
Fuel system: Single throat carburettor
Compression ratio: 9.2:1
3.6 221 cubic inches (3.6L) 6 cyl
Bore and stroke: 3.68 x 3.46 inches
Power: 135bhp (101kW) at 4400rpm
Torque: 208lb-ft (282Nm) at 2400rpm
Pushrod overhead valve, 2 valves per cylinder
Fuel system: Single throat carburettor
Compression ratio: 9.3:1
Mustang 302 cubic inches (5L) V8
Bore and stroke: 4 x 3 inches
Power: 210bhp (157kW) at 4600rpm
Torque: 300lb-ft (407Nm) at 2600rpm
Pushrod overhead valve, 2 valves per cylinder
Fuel system: Two barrel carburettor
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Fuel consumption: 18 mpg (Fairmont V8 auto sedan, Wheels magazine)
Performance (Falcon 302 V8 sedan, 3 spd Cruisomatic):
Top speeds in gears
1st: 50mph (80km/h)
2nd: 85mph (137km/h)
3rd: 107mph (172km/h)
0-60mph (0-97km/h): 11 seconds
Standing quarter mile (402m): 17.2 seconds
Independent with coil springs and hydraulic double acting shock absorbers, stabiliser bar
Live axle, semi-elliptic springs with hydraulic double acting shock absorbers
Hydraulic operation, 10 inch drums, 10.75 inch power assisted discs on Fairmont six, 11 inch on Fairmont V8, optional on other models

Hydraulic operation, 10 inch drums
Steering: Recirculating ball, optional power steering
Wheels: Pressed steel disc wheels with safety rims
Tyres: 6.95 x 14, 7.35 x 14, optional 185 x 14
Dimensions (sedan):
Length: 184.6 inches (4689mm)
Width: 73.8 inches (1875mm)
Height: 54.7 inches (1389mm)
Wheelbase: 111 inches (2819mm)
Front track: 58 inches (1473mm)
Rear track: 58 inches (1473mm)
Kerb weight: 2920lb (1333kg)
Turning circle: 36.6ft (11.2 m)
Fuel tank: 16.4 gallons (74.6 litres)
Boot space: 25.4 cubic feet (720 litres)
Interior dimensions (sedan):
Front headroom: 38.3 inches (973mm)
Rear headroom: 37.6 inches (955mm)
Front shoulder room: 58 inches (1473mm)
Rear shoulder room: 58 inches (1473mm)
Front hip room: 59.6 inches (1514mm)
Rear hip room: 59.5 inches (1511mm)
Front legroom: 40.9 inches (1039mm)
Rear legroom: 37.8 inches (960mm)
Rivals: HK Holden, Chrysler VE/VF Valiant
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