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You may have noticed that Falcon Facts hardly gets updated anymore. When it was launched in January, I had not done the GT section, or the BA section. And the downloads section was nearly empty. Now it's August, and I still have not finished these. I have been really busy with other things, I have just started a new job this week, and I've been having computer trouble.

I am writing this to let people know I have not given up on the site. I've slowly started working on the GT section, but the other problem is that I have almost run up my free web hosting limit. Once I settle into my job, I'll find some decent web hosting so there will be more content and no more ads. I still have room to add more cars to Your Falcons, so keep them coming.

Thanks to everyone for your compliments, suggestions and corrections. And especially, thanks for your patience. To those of you who have asked me to add your cars and links to the site, sorry it has taken so long, and sorry to those whose emails I haven't answered yet.