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XL Falcon(1962 - 1964)
“Trim, Taut, Terrific” was the slogan for the facelifted Falcon, the XL. Visually, the roof line was given a squarer look, known as the “Thunderbird” look, and the grille became convex. A first for Falcon, the XL came with seat belt attachment points, although the belts had to be bought separately.
The luxury Futura model was added and featured a padded dash, full carpeting and bucket seats. Also added was the very American Squire wagon. It had fake wood side panels made of fibreglass, but didn’t appeal to conservative Australian buyers and only 728 were sold. It’s now considered a collector’s item.
A better clutch was fitted to manual models, and second gear ratios went from 1.75 to 1.83 for improved acceleration at lower speeds. There were suspension changes, a new starter motor and the carburettor had been reworked. Ford boasted the XL had 734 new parts, the idea being that all-new parts would mean the end of the problems that plagued the XK. This attracted buyers and the XL Falcon outsold the XK by 7000 cars.
Unfortunately, the problems were still there. The Falcon was a good car in shape and concept. Buyers liked the style and roominess. Ford needed to get the mechanicals right.
(The XL Falcon was also manufactured and sold in South American countries where it remained, with a few very minor facelifts, until 1991!)
XL Falcon Photos (photos are cropped, click to enlarge)

Ford XL Falcon
On Sale: August 1962 - February 1964
How do I know it's an XL? Convex grille, squarer “Thunderbird” roofline, parking lights in bumper, bonnet air scoop, "falcon wing" badge near front door
Models available:
Falcon Deluxe:
Falcon Squire:
sedan, wagon, ute, van
sedan, wagon, ute, van
What’s new? Squire and Futura models, 734 new parts
Falcon Firsts: Seat belt attachment points
Prices at introduction: Falcon sedan - £1070
Total XLs built: 75765
Transmission: 3 speed manual, 2 speed auto (£112)
144 cubic inches (2.4L) 6 cyl
Bore and stroke: 3.5 x 2.5 inches
Power: 90bhp (67kW) at 4200rpm
Torque: 138lb-ft (187Nm) at 2000rpm
Pushrod, 2 valves per cylinder
Fuel system: Single throat carburettor
Compression ratio: 8.7:1
Pursuit 170 cubic inches (2.8L) 6 cyl
Bore and stroke: 3.5 x 2.94 inches
Power: 101bhp (75kW) at 4400rpm
Torque: 156lb-ft (212Nm) at 2400rpm
Pushrod, 2 valves per cylinder
Fuel system: Single throat carburettor
Compression ratio: 8.7:1
Fuel consumption: 21.3 mpg (Futura 144 manual, Wheels magazine)
Performance (Falcon 170 sedan, 3 spd manual):
Top speeds in gears
1st: 33mph (53km/h)
2nd: 64mph (103km/h)
3rd: 93mph (149km/h)
0-60mph (0-97km/h): 15 seconds
Standing quarter mile (402m): 20 seconds
Independent with coil springs and hydraulic double acting shock absorbers, stabiliser bar
Live axle, five leaf semi-elliptic springs with hydraulic double acting shock absorbers
Hydraulic operation, 9 inch drums
Hydraulic operation, 9 inch drums
Steering: Recirculating ball
Wheels: Pressed steel disc wheels with safety rims
Tyres: 6.00 x 13 inch
Dimensions (sedan):
Length: 181.2 inches (4602mm)
Width: 70 inches (1778mm)
Height: 54.5 inches (1384mm)
Wheelbase: 109.5 inches (2781mm)
Front track: 55 inches (1397mm)
Rear track: 54.5 inches (1384mm)
Kerb weight: 2436lb (1106kg) (Falcon sedan)
Turning circle: 37.7ft (11.5 m)
Fuel tank: 11.7 gallons (53.2 litres)
Boot space: 23.7 cubic feet (670 litres)
Interior dimensions (sedan):
Front headroom: 38.9 inches (988mm)
Rear headroom: 37.3 inches (947mm)
Front shoulder room: 55.6 inches (1412mm)
Rear shoulder room: 55.4 inches (1407mm)
Front hip room: 57.1 inches (1450mm)
Rear hip room: 56.8 inches (1443mm)
Front legroom: 44.6 inches (1133mm)
Rear legroom: 41.1 inches (1044mm)
Rivals: EJ/EH Holden, Chrysler S Series/AP5 Valiant
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